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A quote for today

You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.

John Bunyan, preacher and author (1628-1688)


Does studying economics make you more selfish?

I can relate. As a student I did believe that the “rational” was superior to the “normal”. Indeed, we’ve been conditioned to some extent to think rationally and we keep being advised to do so!!

Mind Hacks

When economics students learn about what makes fellow humans tick it affects the way they treat others. Not necessarily in a good way, as Tom Stafford explains.

Studying human behaviour can be like a dog trying to catch its own tail. As we learn more about ourselves, our new beliefs change how we behave. Research on economics students showed this in action: textbooks describing facts and theories about human behaviour can affect the people studying them.

Economic models are often based on an imaginary character called the rational actor, who, with no messy and complex inner world, relentlessly pursues a set of desires ranked according to the costs and benefits. Rational actors help create simple models of economies and societies. According to rational choice theory, some of the predictions governing these hypothetical worlds are common sense: people should prefer more to less, firms should only do things that makeā€¦

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Where should you go for holidays?

Once again, world travelling authorities (not me!) would suggest that you go to Mauritius. The island out-performed leading destinations like Bali, Indonesia and Crete, Greece and even remote islands like TheĀ Maldives which was rewarded in 2008.

Remoteness, indeed, attracts.

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