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I’m an applied economist. Currently, I am a Research fellow at Cà Foscari University of Venezia. Previously, I taught at the University of Trento, Me2Italy.  I’m also a freelance instructor in English, Business English and soft-management skills.

I’m a determined person ready to take-up any new challenge.

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I come from Mauritius, a wonderful island in the Indian Ocean. I live in northern Italy, a little town called, Rovereto with my husband.

Discovering places, people and culture is one of my passion. If I cannot actually go and meet new people, I enjoy watching a good programme on BBC or Discovery Channel.

I love music, all good music. In particular, rock music and alternative music. I am a huge fan of U2, Beatles, The Doors and the like. I enjoy listening to reggae and world music, such as Manu Chao and Jose Gonzalez. I started learning to play the bass guitar.

I have to add that I am a huge football fan. I follow the English premier league and to some extent La Liga. I fervently support Man. Utd.



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